Taking Care The Leather Shoes

Since I have interest in fashion, I put my attention on shoes lately, 🙂

Leather (may known as “Beludru” in Indonesian word) is one of my favorite material for shoes, because the texture looks so elegant and classic.

I have two leather shoes, those are brown, dark one and light one.

My Light leather shoes (bought in Tanah Abang Market on February 2012)

When I bought leather shoes for the first time, I didn’t know how to take care of that shoes.

I thought the treatment is quite same with the other, wash it with water and pour some detergent, to make it clean.

And it’s all wrong, I washed my leather shoes with water, and put so much detergen on it!

O Gosh,,

after it dried, I saw that the colour of the leather has changed, it canged into gloomy colour, T_T

Then, my friend told me that I should use special treatment for leather shoes, not use only water.

Leather and Water are bad combination, so when water touch the leather, the color will looks so poor.

She suggest me to buy a special brush and cleaner for taking care of my leather shoes.

Yesterday, I went to PayLess Shoe Store in Cibubur Juntion, (there are a lot of nice shoess! but kind of expensive for me.. 🙁 not payless). I saw that there is a cleaner for leather shoes, the price is IDR 29,000. it’s affordable for me, so I bought it. 🙂

Imported cleaner for leather shoes

The brush and the cleaner liquid is merged together

Blue one is the brush, and the circle is the sponge.

Then, how does it work for my shoes?

before I explain it, I’d like to say that the result is amazing!

I follow the instruction, first push the sponge to the shoes, the liquid will be emitted,

after that, scrub it with brush carefully,

Push and scrub.

Just that easy.. 😀

Finally, the color is getting bright again, wow~ amazing. 😀

take a look at this picture below..

Before and After

it’s changed right?

I’m quite surprised with the result, now I realize the leather shoes really need some special treatment,

well, I just wanna share about my experiences on how to take care of leather shoes, I hope this post is useful for you who also love leather shoes!

Best, Annisa