Ecofunopoly, The Environmental Board Game

Learning by playing is a good method for children to increase their cognitive and social skills. Early environmental education is an important need to gain character development and environmental impact optimalization to the children, especially in golden ages. Golden age is the most valuable period in childhood time to gain any kind of information and knowledge from their environments. In this period, the children can increase their cognitive, psycomotoric, emotional, and social skills. Poor environmental education can lead to a future generation with lack of environmental awareness. Therefore, early environmental education is very important on shaping future generation, in order to reach sustainable environment. A board game is one of the good option as a tool to teach the children about a specific issue, for example environmental issues.

ECOFUNOPOLY is a green board game which aims to provide an educational tool on sharing knowledge about environmental issues and also changing community behavior toward environment.This game was founded by Annisa Hasanah, a student from Bogor Agricultural University when she was in 2nd year of bachelor study (2009), and co-founded by Namira Andiani as the visual designer.

In 2012, ECOFUNOPOLY has been officially received a certificate of National Copyright ( Hak Kekayaan Intelektual (HAKI).


1 set Ecofunopoly

Ecofunopoly consists of one board 40 x 40 cm (for the small size) or 4 x 4 m (for the giant size), green and hot cards, action cards, pawns made from recycled papers, wood dice, global warming card, and carbon trees (made from recycled papers).  The theme of Ecofunopoly is about carbon footprint. Carbon is used as a credit to calcute behavior of the player in the game. The aim of Ecofunopoly is to evaluate behaviour and awareness of the player towards environmental issues, for example energy, green consumption, water and sanitation, planting, etc. Ecofunopoly has been played by combinating practical activities to get more impacts (not only just playing). This board game has been widely spread in all over part of Indonesia as a teaching tool.

ECOFUNOPOLY is a green board game which aims to provide an educational tool on sharing knowledge about environmental issues and also changing community behavior toward environment.

  • For what ages Ecofunopoly can be played? 

For carbon footprint version, start from 9 years old above.

But we are now working on the game version for 4-6 years old. This game is suitable for anyone, from children, teenagers, and adult. It is recommended game for a family to increase social interaction among family members and can be used as eco-reminder. In school, this game can be used as a learning tool for environmental educatoion subject. 

  • Who have been used Ecofunopoly? 
  • Ecofunopoly games can played in every situation or events, during free time or any special occasion. Ecofunopoly has been used widely by Indonesians, from every group: students, university students, social or environmental activities, NGO workers, parents, entrepreneur, event organizers, and game collector.
  • This game has been used in many schools, social foundaton, and families from many cities and rural villages in Indonesia, such as Bogor, Medan, Lampung, Palembang, Makasar, Bali, Bulukumba, Yogyakarta, Pontianak, Jakarta, Tangerang, Denpasar, and many more.
  • 306892_3680417329253_461981897_n

    Rural children in Bulukumba played ECOFUNOPOLY

Furthermore, ECOFUNOPOLY was also used by some young teacher in INDONESIA MENGAJAR program, a program that initiated by Ministry of Education, Dr. Anies Baswedan. For the past few years, ECOFUNOPOLY has been used by university students for community service program in small villages around Indonesia.

  • What kind of achievements that has been granted for Ecofunopoly?

ECOFUNOPOLY has been received so many positive responses from many stakeholders, both national and international. ECOFUNPOLY has been achieved several awards, such as :  Danamon Young Leaders Awards 2009, ASHOKA Young Changemakers 2009,  BAYER Young Environmental Envoy 2010 in Germany, The Best 3 Candidate Yahoo! Indonesia17 for Green categoryi Hijau, Young Environmental Leaders Program (YELP) 2013 di Tokyo, Japan, Grantee of  Bussiness Plan Scholarship from Bank Mandiri 2011, Grantee of Young Entrepreneur Program from Ministy of Cooperatives Small and Medium Enterprises, Republic of Indonesia, and Kreativitaet im Studium Award from University of Goettingen, Germany.

ECOFUNOPOLY has been presented in many international forum, such as Future Leader Summit 2011 in Semarang Central Java, UNEP TUNZA International Conference 2011 in Bandung, Indonesia, Young Environmental Leaders Program (YELP) Open Forum in Oubirin University, Tokyo, Jepang, World Youth Congress di Istanbul, Turki, Make A Difference (MaD) Asia Forum Hong Kong, and many more.


Ecofunopoly participated in Young Environmental Leader Program 2013


Awarding Bayer Young Environmental Envoy 2010


Free Market, Make A Difference (MaD) Asia Forum, Hong Kong 2016


Make A Difference (MaD) Asia Forum, Hong Kong


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Raising awareness on the most pressing environmental issues of our time is more important than ever.”Leonardo DiCaprio


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Harvest Moon for my Vegetables!


Last October, I intent to plant something so I can eat from what I’ve plant, I saw on TV that eating the food that you plant by yourself is something priceless, and it will give you a countless self satisfaction, so then I decided to grow some easy-to-grow plants which are vegetables!
My friend who studied about agronomy recommended me that if I want to start growing plants, just start with vegetables. Why? Because it’s easy to be planted and less requirement, vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, kale land, caisin are easy to grow. And it can e planted in the pot or secondhand pocket or whereelse.
I bought the seeds from traditional market in Sukasari, it cost Rp 20,000 per one package. One package of seeds consist of countless seeds! I think it’s more than a thousan seeds!
Then I prepared the pot as the planter, I collected all secondhand stuffs that are potentially used as planter, and also I prepared the special soil which already mixed with fertilizer (it cost Rp 10,000 for a big sack)

The planting is started!
I realized that planting vegetables is quite easy one!
I just put the soil in the planter and then I put the seeds in the small hole (make several small holes in the planter) for one hole, you can put 2-3 seeds. After that, give some water to the seeds. And finished.

Watering the vegetables once per day, then you just wait it to grow!
The most satisfaction things while you’re growing plants is when you saw that your vegetables are growing and growing.. When I saw my lettuce is growing for about 5 cm, I saw the wavy leaves.. The moment I saw that is made me speechless.

I think that’s why a lot people do gardening or farming as a hobby 🙂
After 2 months, the Vegetables got big!
It turned out to be the vegetables that mostly I saw in the market, and I’m so proud that I can grow my own vegetables (even it’s easy to grow it! Haha)
I feel like I become a player in Harvest Moon game (i played this game when i was in high school), planting, growing, and selling (but I wont sell it, haha).
Well I just keep wait for 1 week or more from now, after that I can harvest it then eat it with chicken or beef with korean bbq eating style!

Interested in growing vegetables? Start now, and you can feel the satisfaction! 🙂


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Eat Play Love (Last Chapter : Ecofunopoly and Fly Home)

Suatu siang yang terik di akhir bulan Maret 2012, saya dan teman-teman backpacker saya (Nisty, Denda, Tahmid)  sedang menyusuri salah satu jalan di Kuta. Kami menyebut diri kami sebagai backpacker kere dari Ciawi. hehe.

Hari itu adalah hari terakhir kami di Bali sebagai seorang backpacker, kami telah menyusuri indahnya alam Ubud sampai eksotiknya Pantai Kuta..

Untuk traveling kali ini, saya dan teman-teman ingin melakukan sesuatu yang lebih bermakna saat jalan-jalan. Kami ingin menjalankan eco-travelling. 🙂

Karena  travel kali ini bertemakan Eat PLAY Love, (kalau Julia Roberts pergi ke Italia, India, dan Bali bertemakan Eat Pray Love, yaitu untuk mencari Tuhan dan cinta) jadi kami akan mencari anak-anak buat diajak main! hehe.

Yup, perjalanan kali ini saya ingin mempromosikan game Ecofunopoly kepada anak-anak di Bali. Mengajak mereka main di saat saya travelling tentunya akan menyenangkan. Berbekal satu set game Ecofunopoly yang saya bawa dari Bogor, saya pun berjalan menyusuri jalanan di Kuta.

Hari pertama dan kedua, kami tidak menemukan anak-anak yang berkeliaran di jalan, kami juga tidak menemukan sekolah dasar yang bisa kami kunjungi untuk mengenalkan pendidikan lingkungan melalui permainan.

Hingga hari terakhir, kami pun memutuskan bahwa kami harus bertemu anak-anak atau menemukan sekolah dasar.

Saya dan Nisty berjalan menyusuri trotoar Kuta – Bali.

Panas matahari cukup menyengat, kami sudah berjalan cukup jauh di pinggir trotoar Kuta, untungnya kami baru saja menjalani misi Eat dari Eat Play Love kami, kami baru aja makan Ayam Betutu khas Bali dengan ganas saking laparnya. hahaha.

Lalu, saat saya terus berjalan, saya menemukan (more…)

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