2011 : A Year of Contemplation

I saw that last year is very very different than this year.

Last year was all kind of the best moments of my life were gained. All of my luck was placed in 2010.

But, In This year, something different was happened. I face many kind of failures in my life, I took many chances to reach my dreams, many chances were failed to gain. I don’t know why, but I believe that God has another plan for me.Last year was the moment when I was on the top (almost). but this year, God placed me to the bottom, I think God want to tell me how to keep being a good person even if I was not on the top.

Even I faced many failures in my life, I still have a passion. Passion that cannot lost in my soul.

Passion is always become a self-motivation for me. And I believe if I keep on my passion, I’ll be the one who think that I can gain more, and failure won;t make me down! Failure used as contemplation, how I evaluate my past, and get the positive things from it.

I believe someday,, I can make my dreams come true.. Amin! ^^