Going to USA for the first time was an unbelievable moment in my youth life. I got rejected 6 times to go to USA before, but soon I realized that I got the answer in 2017, I was selected as YSEALI Fellowship program. To be honest, I’ve never experienced Fellowship before. But I knew that this is the right time for me to go with a special mission.

Since last year, I am running a small social enterprise in Indonesia with my growing up board game, Ecofunopoly. I knew that I need  a room to grow myself and SE bigger, not only locally but also globally. And I choose YSEALI as a way to achieve it. Thank God, YSEALI accepted me to be one of Fellows this year (the curse on not getting to USA has gone!). I’ll go to USA for the first with special missions : learn to grow my SE and look for an opportunity to expand my product in USA. One month before I go, I got email from Jaimie that said : Congratulations! This is your worksite: Delotte, Arlington, Virginia.

Oh, wait, what is Deloitte?

Deloitte is a professional services network that provides industry-leading audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services to many of the world’s most admired brands, including 80% of the Fortune 500.Deloitte Consulting, a subsidiary of Deloitte, is organized into three service areas: Human Capital, Strategy & Operations, and Technology. Across these service areas, professionals serve clients in a number of industries, including consumer and industrial products; energy and resources; federal and state government; financial services; life sciences and health care; and technology, media and telecommunications. The organization focuses on demonstrating leadership and making an impact on the issues that clients are-or will be-facing.

Wow, sounds cool!

Having a degree both Bachelor and Master in Landscape Architecture has made me (super) unfamiliar with business and financial sector. But I do realize, being a social entrepreneur, I need to learn both of them. Here I am, back again as a student, turning my life into social business!

One week after my feet landed in Washington DC, USA (which was very awesome moment), I arrived at Deloitte for the time at Rosslyn, Virginia. It’s funny that I’ve never work in any big global companies, even in Indonesia, my homeland. But when I do, my first office is Deloitte, one of the best consulting firm in the world. See? Life is so unexpected.


Our first two days were started with Orientation about the Firm. I did the orientation together with new hires, I feel like I’m the new employee for Deloitte! As a first start, we learned about Deloitte company, we even played Board Game to get to know about the Firm (yeay!). One impression that I got in Deloitte is the Positivity. People are so kind, even I got nervous on first day. We even got a brochure that explains about 10 Moves to make moments better. This is like how to put emphaty during our work-life, such as walk in their shoes, change the lens, and work it together.


Deloitte YSEALI Ladies

Second impression that I got is the Creativity. How Deloitte use Creative Digital Campaign to communicate with people is what I like most. For example, I watched several videos made by Deloitte about how different people are, and we should understand that we are (not) same. Some people need details, some other need summary. Some people trust their people, while some others Trust the data.

During orientation, we even got our ID and Laptop to be used during our Fellowship.

Our fellowship will be under supervision of several Deloitte staffs. I met Jimmy, Andrea and Casey for the first time at the office, then I got a buddy named Katie Jessup and a councelor, Judy Zeng. They are so nice and helpful! Third impression that I got is SUPPORTING. Deloitte creates a system that each new hire or staff must be supported by group of people, so that they can be monitored on achieving their goal during work in Deloitte.


After spending 2,5 weeks in Deloitte, I really enjoy myself working in Deloitte. Fourth impression that I got is Rush, Hustle, and On Schedule. It’s not a negative meaning. But, I’m quite surprise how productive people who work at Delotte, they go back and forth, open laptop, meet the client, go back to office, meet a team, and so on. All of our activities and meetings were recorded on our work calendar, which is very good for my productivity. The sign that I enjoy myself at Deloitte is when you don’t realize that you just start your work at 8.30 am, but then when you check the clock, it’s 11.58 am already. Time moves fast, and I always think what I should’ve done today before the working time over.


Fifth Impression that I got during my 2,5 weeks in Deloitte is IDENTIFICATION. Me and other two YSEALI Fellows had a chance to identify ourselves through Bussiness Chemistry Assesment. We learn about the perception of how we see ourselves, we did a computer based personality test. And I got my result that I’m a PIONEER as my primary trait, and a DRIVER as my second trait. There are other two types: INTEGRATOR and GUARDIAN. This assessment is not only learning about myself, but also learning how we can see other people, especially our colleagues and clients. I keep smiling everytime I heard the detail explanation about Pioneer, they are messy, imaginative, and not into details. This is so ME! Hahaha. Well, I’m so glad to know about myself and others during the session. That was my favorite session ever at Deloitte! I still have two weeks to go, and hope it won’t be over soon!


Thank you YSEALI and American Council International Education for giving this amazing opportunity!