Borneo, I’m in Love

A month ago, I had trip to Borneo or (Kalimantan). The purpose of my trip was doing research survey. I was selected Borneo as my research study because :

1. I’ve never been there before.

2. Borneo is one of big island in Indonesia which has huge attention from all over the world because of its richness of biodiersity. Many people are trying to protect this island in order to protect the world from environmental disasters.

Those are my reasons why I want to go there.

On february 19, the date of my departure, I went there with Ibu Syartinilia (my lecturer also my research advisor), Higuchi sensei (professor from Biodiversity Life Science, Tokyo University- he’s so also an expert in birds), and kang Zaini (RAIN-NGO, org.which concerning on birds).

Me – Ibu Lia – Higuchi-sensei – Kang Zaini

We flew from Jakarta to Banjarmasin (capital city of South Kalimantan province) by Garuda Airlines at 6 am. It’s too early for me, so I had to get up early around 3 am. Gosh!

I was so excited at that time, especially when I was waiting to enter the plane. Iwas just imagining how Borneo looked like.

The next 1 hour 40 minutes, I already arrived in Borneo. It was rainy day.

1st day

My lecturer were afraid that we couldn’t do survey. but gladly, the rain was stopped in the 1 hour.

I felt something differet between Java and Borneo. from the air, the humidity, the surrounding view.

After leaving the Syamsudin Noor airport in Banjarmasin, we’re going to Banjarbaru to visit NGO office *i forgot the name of the office*,  we will had a guide, he’s from that NGO. so we went to office to have a short briefing.

I prepared map, notes, pen, camera, and GPS (Global Positioning System). those equipment will be my friends while I’m doing survey.

Map, Camera, GPS *GPS was hiding, behind my feet* 😀

After briefing, we’re going to Sultan Adam Nature Reserve. We hoped that we could met Oriental Honey Buzzards, one of raptor which become my research study.

It took 2 hours by car from Banjarbaru to Sultan Adam.

We stopped sometimes to take some pictures if there’s something interesting especially landscape view. I used GPS to mark our position and find out whether we’re in core habitat or in edge habitat. *my research is about comparing landscape characteristic between core habitat and edge habitat of Oriental Honey Buzzards.

It was very fun for me. I loved to see natural landscape, I knew something that I won’t get from my class. 😀

Then, we arrived in Sultan Adam Nature Reserve. This area consist of terestrial and water area. But mostly this area is covered with lake. Huge lake.

Based on the map, the core is in the centre of the lake, so we had to ride a boat to go to core habitat.

My lecture rented one woody-machine-boat, it’s called Kelotok. IDR 200,000  for rented cost for all day! I think it’s cheap. before we got in to the boat, we bought some foods for lunch, we’ll have lunch in the boat. awesome!

Our Boat, Kelotok

Unfortunately, for your information, it’s very difficult to find vegetables for meal. Mostly, people in here don’t eat vegetables, they eat only rice with meat , fish, or chicken. So, be ready! 😀

After that, we’re getting into the boat and start the lake-journey. I just cant’t say anything, the landscape was so beatiful. On the first day, I already knew how worthed this island. I was taking some photos and videos to memorize this area. I also can see Meratus Mountain from here.

Me on Sultan Adam Nature Reserve

The lake is surrounded by forest. In some spot, we can find tradisional house in there. I also that the elevation in this area is quite low, below the 200 mters over the sea level. That’s why this capital city in this province is called as River City, it’s cause by low-elevation. 🙂

It took around 4-5 hours to see half-part of this lake. At 1 pm, the machine boat was turn off, then we got lunch. I ate spicy Nila fish, young bamboo shoot (we called it rebung), and rice. delicious! After done eating, I felt the wind was trying to make me sleep. haha.

Then, we’re going back to the port. Before we went the port, we visit one village in there.  It’s called Belangian village. that village is very natural, consist of canopy trees, shrubs, and agriculture field. And also I found traditional wood house, we called it rumah panggung.

Because the sky was getting dark, we went back to the boat, then went to the hotel. While I was getting into the boat, some children were trying to attract us. they were jumping to the water, and they were laughed at me and my team. because I had short time, I just said goodbye to them. maybe sometimes, we can meet again. 🙂

Arrived in the port, we decided to have dinner first then we went to the hotel.

I had dinner on one of well-known restaurant, *I forgot the name again*

Seafood were the menu of dinner. I think for the next 4 days, I’ll keep in touch with seafood, haha, Borneo provide so many kind of fish and other seafood, in different size from Java. the size of fish is bigger in here. I don;t know why, maybe the fish has higher food availability that Java.

Then, we stayed in Permata Inn hotel in Banjarbaru.

~To be Continued~