Carbon Tracker-EcoMonopoly Implementation

On February 13th, My friends and I have implemented EcoMonopoly project successfuly. I created a team which is called EcoFun Community. We worked together to educate children in funways. Beside me, there are Edwina, Namira, Andra, Icca, Jihan, and Ondo. They became tutor for the kids.

This projects was also helped by Ka Cahyo and Mbak Citra for documentation, thanks a lot you both! ^^

This new project had different concept than the older project. I got new idea to create big size of EcoMonopoly. The theme of EcoMonopoly is also new version, it’s about measuring our carbon track in this planet.

EcoMonopoly teach children about many things related to environment such as National Park, Fauna, FLora, and example of environmental small activities that can be done in our daily life.

I printed the board in 3 x 3 meters. I had to wait around 5 hours until the board already printed. This new EcoMonopoly focused on environmental behavior of the players. Usually Monopoly game use pawn, and this Carbon-Track-EcoMonopoy (CTE) use human as a pawn, so the players will be the pawn of themselves, interesting right?

Also, the old Monopoly uses fake tress, if the players wants to plant a tress over the board, this CTE uses real trees, I prepared tree plants.

I invited around 27 kids from SDN Babakan Darmaga, this school is near to my campus. This school also still haven’t environmental subject. They were so happy at the day of implementation.

I asked them to be honest when they were answering environmental questions which are provided from the cards. If they are doing go green, their carbon will be less, if they’re not, they will get more carbon. ^^

The implementation was located in Gladiator IPB. Besides asking-answering, they also tried to plant trees while the simulation.

During the simulation, two reporters from Koran Kampus came and asked whether they can have short interview about this project, I was so delighted to accept the offer, šŸ™‚

At the end of the game, I asked them to take care the plants, in the future we will see them grow.. they were so exciting, I’m so happy that my project has done happily. I hope from this project, the kids will be new environmental heroes! I hope so!

check this picture :

Save Our Planet start from now on!